Hi I am new - Howdy

(Miles Baughman) #1

Just bought a Shapeoko 3 on Black Friday have a 3d printer old wood worker/engineer looking forward to making lots of neat stuff.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Dan Nelson) #2

Welcome to your first step down the rabbit hole!!! There’s a really great group of people on this forum that do their best to help each other out. Remember to enjoy the journey from delivery day till you make your first cuts and beyond :smile:


(Csaba Horváth) #3

Welcome! Don’t hesitate for a second to ask for help. Every “beginner” has learned a lot from here and ready to pay back by helping the newcomers!


(Adam X) #4

Welcome! It’s a great machine and as others have pointed out, a solid community. Search is your friend, as is the Wiki :slight_smile:

(Daniel Loughmiller) #5

Yep when people ask in woodworking forums about CNC machines for their small shop I tell them 2 things about the Shapeoko. 1 - it’s a tinkerers machine, you’ll spend some time dialing it all in but you’ll learn the machine really well in the process and 2- the community is great and supportive and will get you through any issues you may have.

(Jose Prieto) #6

Yes it is true , I love my machine .

(Miles Baughman) #7

Me 2 New! looking forward to getting this going.