Holes (as inside contours) not going to correct depth

(Ray Allen) #1

I’m using Shapeoko XL and Carbide Create. This has happened more than once. I create a rectangular cutout and then two or more bolt holes, all as inside contours with tool #102.

The rectangular cutout seems to work fine, but the holes don’t go deep enough. I the attached example, I made all 4 holes >3X deeper than I needed, to try to get around this. The first three worked, but the last one only went down ~0.05" when I asked them all to be 0.3". What’s going on?Newhaven7inCutout2.c2d (8.1 KB)

(mark robinson) #2

Make sure the Z belt is tight,may be losing steps

(Ray Allen) #3

Thanks. That might be it, I’ll check next time…

(system) #4

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