How to define a roundover bit in Carbide Create

(Don Sieburg) #1

How can I define a roundover bit for edge finishing in Carbide Create

(ray) #2

I don’t have create installed, I use v carve but generally these programs are looking for a right side profile of your bit.

(William Adams) #3

If I understand what you’re describing correctly, I believe that is described in:

(David McMillan) #4

You mean something like this, correct?

(William Adams) #5

Do not use endmills w/ bearings.

That’s what routers and router tables are for.

(Don Sieburg) #6

Yes, but with the bearings removed, Is this possible?

(William Adams) #7

With the bearing removed you’d need to work up an appropriate offset toolpath and feeds and speeds, prob. through testing — way easier to make and use a router table.

(Don Sieburg) #8

OK… I have 50 2.5" x 10" name panels to make.
I was trying to figure a way around using the table router but you’re right, it would likely take longer by the time I messed with all the settings and tool changes.
Thanks as always for the good advice!