I need a recommendation for a more silent spindle than a router

(Alejandro Costilla) #1

Hi, I have a question , I live in an apartment, for which I need a router less noisy than the dewall, I was looking at the quiet spindle, from x-carve- es 48vdc, 300w - it is possible to use it Shapeco 3. or another spindle that can be used
I live in Argentina , and we have 220 v .
Thanks .

(Luke) #2

You need a water cooled spindle.

(William Adams) #3

My Makita RT0701 is quite quiet — paired with a Festool CT midi dust extractor on low the loudest sound is the endmill cutting the material.

(Julien Heyman) #4

also, a soundproofed enclosure goes a long way to keep the router noise down. I have the Makita router too, and when my enclosure is closed, the cutting itself is as loud as the router. I run the Makita mostly at low RPM e.g. 12000

(Tchad Rogers) #5

I second @MrBeaver’s suggestion of a water cooled spindle. I have a 1.5 KW Chinese spindle off of Amazon, and it is incredibly quiet, is more powerful than a trim router, and has built-in RPM control from 0 - 24,000 RPM, either using a PWM signal from the Shapeoko 3, or a simple trim pot if you just want a knob. (As a bonus, the one I bought was a drop-in replacement using the circular aluminum shim that was included with my Shapeoko.)

The downsides are that water cooling adds complexity, and configuring the VFD is quite a challenge (the manual is predictably bad, but there are lots of forums and YouTube videos that are helpful.) This about doubles the complexity of maintaining the Shapeoko 3, and because of that I’d say it’s not for most users. Also worth mentioning as a potential downside is that the water cooled spindle is slightly heavier than a trim router, but based on what I’ve read, and my experience, not in a way that affects the performance of the machine at all.

I also have a smaller CNC router (specifically, a MPCNC) with a 300W DC spindle that is even quieter, and is air cooled, so it’s simpler. Of course, 300W is way less powerful than a trim router, and it’s top-speed is “only” 12,000 RPM.

I have gone to great lengths to reduce the noise of my setup:

  • Full enclosure
  • Vacuum enclosure for my dust collection
  • Variable speed control for the vacuum, so I can turn it down just to the point where dust collection is effective
  • Water cooled spindle

The combined effect is that I can now run the Shapeoko 3 without ear protection. It’s quieter in the shop with everything running than using a normal household vacuum cleaner. (Though I still wear ear protection if I have to open the enclosure while the router is running; as @WillAdams mentioned, the loudest noise by far is the end mill cutting material.)