Just Received Nomad With Dead Power Supply

(Chad Sobodash) #1

Hi all,

So my Nomad was delivered today. And the power supply it shipped with seems to be DOA. There is no fan running inside, the LED light on the power supply is not coming on, and nothing I’ve done seems to make a difference.

Was wondering if anyone else has had this issue before, or if this is common for the units to ship with this issue. Was super disappointing, I took the day off work specifically to spend time using it and now I can’t. Let alone the fact that I have a project schedule I’m trying to keep with it.

Anyways, thanks.

(Patricio Suarez) #2

Did you try using another cable? The cable that came with mine was working intermittently when I got mine. Replaced it and it has been working perfectly ever since,

(William Adams) #3

Darn. I sympathise with your situation.

The power supplies have been quite reliable — usually the problem is that folks fail to flip the switch on the power cord (to be fair, it’s small and looks like a ferrite bead).

Contact support@carbide3d.com and we’ll get this sorted out.

(Chad Sobodash) #4

I did, but I should actually go test them on another device, to ensure that the spare ones I used are also functional. Would just be my luck that all my spares are broken, too.

Carbide 3D already emailed me and will send a new one to make it right.

(Chad Sobodash) #5

… Where exactly is this found? I saw no other “switch.”

Well, if this is my issue, then let my idiocy stand for all eternity to better educate them when they receive their unit.

EDIT: Oh, you mean the power switch on the front of the unit? Yeah, already checked that.

(William Adams) #6

On some of the power supplies, there’s a switch on the cord — in-between the power supply and the machine I believe (none of mine have them).

(Chad Sobodash) #7

Oh, must be a different model of power supply. Mine doesn’t have that (as far as I can see).

In any case, I do appreciate Customer Service getting back to me same day; at least I can get it fixed soon.