Kinetic sculpture / Moore pattern

(Idan) #1

It’s been a long road to get this thing on my wall. It all started with seeing this kickstarter a couple of years too late…

Then on a dull weekend, I asked my dad (knowing the answer ahead of time ;)) if he could make the main shape by hand. So it started with my dad cutting it with a jig saw. Impressive.

I 3d printed the other parts just to get something working.

The prototype worked but wasn’t really something you’d put on a wall. Then I discovered my job had a “maker space” with a sad little Nomad that was begging to be used. So I put it to work:

After that came a rare opportunity to fly business to the US through work with my brother. This meant we were allowed to carry about 60kg each with no extra cost. So I had to pull the trigger on the Shapeoko and get this project going in its original size! (Tip: don’t try to explain to the TSA officer what a CNC kit is.)

A couple of weekends later and it’s finally finished!

and here’s a video of it.

I learned so much doing this and it got me into an entire new world that I’ve had zero familiarity with (I didn’t know what a bearing was!). Onto the next project!

(Pete) #2

That is awesome, great job!

That thing is TRIPPY.

(Jerry Gray) #3

Wonderful story, too. Thanks!