Looking at bringing a new Z axis to market

(Brian Borden) #21

How about provisions for mounting a jtech laser setup?

(Luke) #22

Morning Brian

I had thought about this - assuming you have a laser, can you send me some pictures on how you attach it now.

Update I have just added support for 1.5 and 2.2kw spindle mounts

(Brian Borden) #23

Well… I don’t have a laser. :joy::joy::joy: so no can do on the pictures. It I wouldn’t mind one in the future. Along with a 2.2kw spindle…

(Luke) #24

Some people :yum:

I thought about this allot. The best place to mount it in my eyes would be on the front of the spindle. But I can’t add holes for that easily… Unless you send me your bracket :smiley:

At least you can mount the 2.2kw spindle :smiley:

(Griff Carpenter) #25

I have a j-tech laser. But I haven’t mounted it on my new Z yet. Will share when I do so.

It will be some sort of removable setup. I had it permently mounted on my stock Z for awhile but had focus/lens-falling-off issues due to vibration when using the router.

Just need to source a few connectors.

(Luke) #26

Yeh? I thought magnets would be a good way to go…

I have a really good idea what would work for all shapeoko users. But I need some measurements from you.

(William Adams) #27

One thought here — it’s my understanding that at least one of the mounts which Inventables offers has a set of drilled and tapped holes on it for mounting accessories — might be worth matching that.

(Luke) #28

Mini update. After thinking things through a little more and bouncing some ideas of @bborden there is a potential solution for suckit users.

I’m going to create holes on the rear of my X/Y plate for a plate to attach to.

From this plate spacers would be added.

This will allow the suckit top mounts to attach to my design from the sides. I have reached out to the guys at suckit to see if we could collaborate on a solution. If anyone knows the suckit guys well I’d be keen for a introduction.

(Dustin S Tilton) #29

If you don’t have any luck getting longer arms made, i was able to get my Suckit to work by using some spacers between the arm and the plate.This brought everyhing out about an inch -

Even after using the spacers the base of the shoe was still about a little short. So I removed the magnets, slide the base out to where it needed to be, then glued it rather than using the existing screw holes. I can still remove the base, and now it aligns properly.

Not a perfect solution, but it works and I have not had to purchase any new parts. So if Luke provides mounting holes, you may be able to get your existing arms to work, I guess it will just depend on how much further it needs to stick out on his new slider vs the extending I had to do for my Z slider.

(Luke) #30

Good morning all

I’ve made some more minor enhancements.

I have also moved things forward, requests for deposits and an update email went out this morning.

If you want to get in on the first batch and have not had an email please let me know.

Future orders will be done through my new website


(Jose Prieto) #31

WoW Luke congratulations very nice space !. And the product shop very very nice too !.

(Stephen Taylor) #32

I didn’t get an email this morning.

(Luke) #33

Thanks @JoseD3

@Stari I’ve just pmed you

(Luke) #34

As a small update - I’ve brought things forward again. We’re now in the hands of suppliers.

I’ve just spend about £5000 on parts/deposits and sent the files through to my machining partner.

The only thing I haven’t bought is the thousands of M5 screws I need :smiley:

Very exciting!

(Eirik) #35

Does the design require using your existing router mounts or are you machining new brackets etc?

(Luke) #36

Hi Eirik

It uses your existing spindle mount but it includes my special tram adjuster that should make tramming a breeze.

If you use a larger spindle it can also accommodate a 2.2kw spindle - and I’m looking to offer milled versions of these brackets.