Looking for Shapeko User Near Denison Texas... Free Triquetra Touch Plate Kit

(Charley Thomas) #1

I am the maker of the Triquetra Touch Plate. In an effort to improve the usability for Shapeoko Users I am hoping that I can connect with someone who has a stock Shapeoko3 that lives near Denison Texas. In exchange for your help I will provide you with a complete Triquetra Touch Plate Kit free of charge.

What I want to do should only take two visits. On the first visit I will bring the Kit with me for you to keep. At that time I will do some investigation into exactly what the probing sequence is doing within Carbide Motion and make a plan to mimik that behavior so those users who do not want to switch to a different gcode sender will be able to use the Triquetra within Carbide Motion.

On the second visit I will bring updated software to test out. Hopefully I will get it right the first time and we will be done. If not then I may need to make an additional visit. If I cannot get it right on a third visit I will continue working on it but I will not hold you to allowing me back in for testing.

I will select the closest Shopeoko3 user to Denison Texas for this offer. If you are interested please email me at charleyntexas@gmail.com with your location. Just the city for now. Again, you will get the complete Triquetra Touch Plate Kit free of charge for you help.


(Dan Nelson) #2

I’m in Haslet 76052, not exactly close. Let me know if I can help.



(Charley Thomas) #3

Your about 95 miles from me. I’m hoping to find someone closer. If not then I will give you a shout. Thanks for stepping up!!


(system) #4

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