Made my YouTube channel!

(Stephen Kidwell) #1

Hey guys! I’m finally getting my YouTube channel kicked off. I’ve no experience video editing but the latest 2 I think I did well. Let me know what you all think!

(Stephen Kidwell) #2

Latest video is live!

(Dustin S Tilton) #3

I like that shop bird.

(James Carter) #4

The shop bird needs to be in every video LOL

(Stephen Kidwell) #5

haha agreed! I will definitely have him there.

(Phil Thien) #6

I think you have a very natural way with the camera, and I also enjoyed the bird.

So keep the videos coming and let us know when you have new ones.

(Stephen Kidwell) #7

Wow! Thank you, that means a lot! I will definitely keep them coming!

(Stephen Kidwell) #8

Next video is up. If you all liked Glitch, a.k.a. Shop Bird, your going to love this 2 minute video! :joy:

(Stephen Kidwell) #9

And the next video:

(Martha) #10

Nice video and great edge work. What kind of torch did you use in the video?

(Stephen Kidwell) #11

For flame polishing it is recommended to use map gas. It doesnt seem to work as well with propane.

(Stephen Kidwell) #12

new video is live! Be sure to smash that like button!

(Evan Day) #13

Very cool video on the edge polishing. I have a MAP gas torch sitting idle, so I may have to try this out just for the hell of it. Also subscribed.

(Stephen Kidwell) #14

Thanks man! Yeah it is surprisingly really easy to do. Just sand it down first of course. Thank you for the SUB!

(Stephen Kidwell) #15

And another:

(Reid Forrest) #16

I found your homing video very useful. And Glitch is great on video too. :slight_smile: I miss my little Conure buddy who lived to be 24 years old.

What is the spindle you’re using? I’m going to upgrade to a water cooled spindle, but not sure which one.

(Stephen Kidwell) #17

Latest video is a special one:

(Stephen Kidwell) #18

And here is out latest video. This was ONLY made possible thanks to our trusty Shapeoko 3 XXL!

(Phil Gorsuch) #19

Sweet. Love that top reservoir. Your best so far.
How did you seal between the acrylic layers?

(Stephen Kidwell) #20

Thanks man! It definitely took some time that is for sure. I milled out an o-ring slot on both sides and filled it with O-ring gasket material from McMaster to seal the res. Works out really well :+1: