Made myself a table... Sorta

(Luke) #1

Not really shapeoko related but inspired by @Griff s ridiculously good carpentry skills. I had a go at repurposing the table I assembled my first shapeoko on.

I call it the 45 pound table as it has £45 worth of pennies in it…

Turned out quite well although the finish isn’t quite as perfect as I’d like.

It had new legs, pennies, grout, custom made sides and allot of resin poured into it…

I’d be keen to find out how much resin is over in the states as its incredibly expensive here…

(Reid Forrest) #2

That looks great, Luke!

(travis) #3

Great job. How did you keep such a large pour of resin so clear and bubble free?

(Luke) #4

Thank you. I used a non toxic version of resin, no smell or harmful chemicals. Most of the bubbles just pop, a few need a blow torch above them to burst. It’s pricey stuff mind, I paid £150 for all 8kg of resin to pour.

It should have gone even smoother but the humidity was too high (at-least thats what I’m told). Even so I’m happy for a first and probably last attempt for a while.

(Reid Forrest) #5

What was the humidity level? I’m considering some resin projects, but the humidity here (I live on the water) is often 80-100%.

(Luke) #6

Haven’t got a clue but I did run a dehumidifier on the last pour and it was a bit better. If you could find a way to seal up the pour in a tent or something you might be OK.

(Griff Carpenter) #7

That’s cool Luke, nicely done.

I’ve not used resin much since the 60’s. Do you do multiple layers?

The chairs are exactly the same as a set given to my wife and I for our first apartment. One was a rocker, haha.

(Luke) #8

I did 3 layers, not by choice but the first layer was too thin around the edges. The 2nd layer was ok, but when I came to sand the edges down I scuffed the top - I then thought I might be able to sand the imperfections out (maybe if I had days of spare time) then the third was to make it look good again. It’s nice how forgiving it is assuming you can do another coat.

Looks like the 60’s are back in fashion over here :smiley: I’d like to make some decent chairs, these ones are a little sh*t…

(Mike) #9

Table looks terrific, shame it’ll be covered by a behemoth CNC machine in no time. :wink::grin:

(Luke) #10

Ha ha, I wish. Thats how I wrecked it before! I’m no longer allowed to build in the living room. My office is another story, I’ve got a collection of parts for these new Z’s building up :smiley:

(kenneth smith) #11

checked amazon - $129 for a gallon kit free shipping with prime

(system) #12

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