Make monogram letter with circle arund it

(Andy Dueitt) #1

S with circle around it.c2d (90.7 KB)
I am trying to tie this S and the circle can some one help me?

(William Adams) #2

Unfortunately, Carbide Create doesn’t allow for composite objects when doing a Boolean union, so a selection of everything results in:

The workaround is to do this in two passes. First select the letter and some additional bit of non-interfering geometry and do a Boolean operation to convert it into a path:

then select the S and duplicate it

Then select one copy of the S and the outer circle and do Boolean Union:

resulting in:

Then select the inner circle and control click on the remaining letter:

(the letter needs to be the key object as indicated by a dashed selection)

and do Boolean Subtraction:

which is what I believe you want. If not, let us know and we’ll try to help puzzle it out.

(system) #3

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