MDF Sign Project

(Brent Halbersma) #1

Hey guys, I have a project I am starting tomorrow. I’ll be cutting out some letters for a sign out of 3/4” MDF. Does anyone have suggestions about endmill type along with feeds and speeds? Thanks!

(William Adams) #2

We have feeds and speeds for MDF in the official charts at:

(Howard Camardelle) #3

Noob Alert!

In the file above, what does “DOC” mean?


(Stephen Taylor) #4

Since I need 20 characters to post I’m writing this…

It means document :slight_smile:

(Pete) #5

DOC stands for Depth of Cut. This is how deep you are cutting in a single pass.

(William Adams) #6

The community maintains a glossary which may help with such terminology:

(Howard Camardelle) #7

LOL! Thanks guys. Just bookmarked the Wiki page. Lots to read!

(system) #8

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