Mechanical iris lock box for ring

(Andrew) #21

@wmoy Thanks, I had a lot of fun making this project! Looking forward to many more with the Shapeoko.

@cgallery I don’t have much in terms of video, I was in a time crunch to get it done haha. Its on my to do list to get a camera for future projects though.

(Charles Coyle) #22

@burgchevap This is amazing the best version I have seen so far of this style.

Can you send me the CAD files you used to create this? I really would like to make this for my partner.

(Charles Coyle) #23

@wiremonkey Did you get these CAD files? I am trying to either buy one of these or make it myself to propose to my partner. I have tried and contact the creator on his website to no avail.

(Dave Thompson) #24

That is beautiful what a work of art, Great job
also congrats (over due)