MeshCAM 3-flute endmill feeds and speeds

(Peter Lundh) #1

Hi all-

I have a Nomad 883 ‘Classic’. I’ve bought some 3-flute endmills from local UK supplier for milling a CPU heatsink in 6061 aluminium.

How do I edit tool settings (feeds and speeds) in MeshCAM to account for the extra flute?

Btw, has anyone made an aluminium heatsink with the Nomad?

Many thanks!


(William Adams) #2

Just edit the tool description to change the # of flutes from 2 to 3 using some substantively similar tool as a basis.

(Peter Lundh) #3

Thanks WillAdams! However, I can not find where to change the number of flutes in either MeshCam 6, or 7beta told descriptions. (However, I can still ‘estimate’ change of DOC, RPM, feed and plunge settings depending on number of flutes). Best. -Peter

(William Adams) #4

My apologies, thought MeshCAM was the same as Carbide Create on this — you are correct, MeshCAM doesn’t seem to have a place to enter # of flutes.