Mod to a full sized router?

(Kyle) #1

Looking to upgrade my router to a full sized 2.25 hp router. Would require creating a new bracket but other than that anyone have any other advice or why this is a terrible plan?

(Adam X) #2

Been asked many times before, and I believe the general wisdom is: no. While the extrusions are beefy enough, I think there is some question around the stoutness of the delrin wheels and z-axis carriage. Adding more weight cantilevered out over the rail is a list of twisting force.

If you want to go this route, take a look at some of the DC spindles on ebay. ~$400 gets you a 2kw spindle and a VFD to drive it. And I suspect they are close to a palm router in weight. I’m sure others more wise than I will weigh in here…

(Kyle) #3

Anyone here done the DC water cooled spindle that can weigh in?

(mark robinson) #4

(Daniel Loughmiller) #5

What are you hoping to get out of the upgrade?

(Kyle) #6

Faster production time

(Peter Wong) #7

I got my SO3 a week ago and I went directly to a 1.5kw chinese air cooled spindle. It’s advertised of having <= .005mm runout and using a $40 digital dial indicator, I was not able to measure any variance while I turned the spindle by hand. Perhaps if I busted out the Haimer, I would see something.

On that note, the 1.5kw spindle weighs a ton and I’m not sure you’d even want to mount a 2 on the so3

(Daniel Loughmiller) #8

My understanding is the machine isn’t HP limited. In fact for a machine in its class it actually has far more HP than you’d expect. Higher HP would potentially let you work on harder materials as the machine would have more torque to keep the bit moving, but not necessarily let you work on softer materials faster. But hopefully the more knowledgeable members of the forum will chime in on this.