My Job is great!

(James Carter) #41

Here’s a rare three-color die…

(Tony) #42

Meshcam is terrible at making efficient 2d or 2.5d tool paths. It can also drive you insane with quirks that are impossible to get around.

I switched to VCarve Pro and it produces MUCH more efficient tool paths.It’s not a stretch to say it’s 10x faster than Meshcam for most parts. VCP also offers much more control, a more intuitive user interface and great tutorials.

You might consider using a SO3 to make your parts since it has 15x more power than the Nomad. I use my SO3 20 to 1 over my Nomad for that reason and because I can cut much larger parts. I’m not sure it would give you the precision you need for these parts but my guess is that it would.

(James Carter) #43

We have two sides of the same coin here… I think MeshCam is great! Now that I’ve learned all the quirks, it takes about 10 minutes to set up a die. The proper tooling is everything, and I get the tiny details I need. The 2.5D feature works flawlessly. If you need help with meshcam, let me know, and I will try to talk you through it. Several things are counter intuitive. Now that I have a second Nomad coming, I’ll be having twice as much fun!! Whee!!

(Tony) #44

Based on your run times, I think you may be giving Meshcam more credit than it is due. Those dies should not require more than 20 to 30 minutes each.

(William Adams) #45

Is there G-code optimization software which works on G-code from MeshCAM?

(James Carter) #46

It’s not MeshCam’s fault. The tiny tooling I have to use will break if I try to take heavy or fast cuts. Please also keep in mind, I am cutting hardened brass.

Intensive and long term with metal?
(James Carter) #47

The picture doesn’t do this one justice. There was a lot of careful carving to get those lines perfect.

(Jerry Gray) #48

These are pretty awesome!
I went to Mcdonald county high school, in Missouri. We used the mustang, like the one you did for the college.
Pretty cool job, you’ve got.
Thanks for sharing.

(James Carter) #49

Back from vacation!! here’s a Buffalo!!

(Jerry Gray) #50

Good time for a vacation!
Wondered where you’ve been :slight_smile:

(James Carter) #51

I had to bring my brother West… It’s a poor pun, but the best I could do under the circumstances…

(James Carter) #52

I kinda like this viking, even though real vikings never wore horns on their helmets…

(James Carter) #53

I’m making some work holding devices with my nomad… The first one has come out nice, with a little help from WillAdams :slight_smile: Thanks again man ;D

Before this die, the coasters were hand-aligned, resulting in a unacceptable number of scrap pieces. This new fixture will eliminate the guesswork!

(James Carter) #54

I was cleaning my desk today, and I came across a piece of history! This is the “test” piece that the guys at carbide3D ran for us before we purchased our first machine.

my oh my, how far we’ve come!

(James Carter) #55

A couple high school/college dies… letters are yawn boring lol

They are “unfinished” being fresh off the Nomad. Still need to polish the surfaces, clear the holes, add counter bores, etc.

(James Carter) #56

I used to live in Michigan… the economy there is so terrible, I don’t care if I ever go back.

(James Carter) #57

Just a couple finished or almost finished pictures. I love seeing my dies in action!

(James Carter) #58

Hot off the Nomad just a few minutes ago!!