My Nomad found a new home


I’m still bummed that I had to sell my Nomad (divorce…) but I’m happy it went to a great new home. Wanted to do a quick Intro to a new member the Carbide family ‘Robin’. He’s a young engineer that I think will be a great contributor to the forums.

I’ll ask him to post to say hello. Jorge and Apollo - please take good care of him! :slight_smile:

Miss you folks…

(Robin Lau) #2

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for the introduction Darren. I have no dout I would be contributing with lots of questions on this forum :joy:

(Apollo Crowe) #3

Hi @Darren - Good to hear from you, thanks for passing the torch and introducing us to @Robin

Best Regards!

(Leith) #4

Welcome Robin and sorry to hear about the machine Darren.

(Robin C.) #5

Hey Robin! I’m also a Robin :wink:

Welcome to the community!