Need some quick software help!

(ryan williams) #1

I have been using carbide create for almost a year now. Yesterday, I made to changes to the depths of a lot of my files. I saved/replaced the files and Gcodes with the new depth. Now when I am cutting it doubled everything and is making 2 passes. This is not what I wanted. It is cutting to the correct depth the first time. Am I missing something? Thanks -Ryan

(William Adams) #2

What is your depth per pass set to in comparison to your desired total depth?

Have you had any issues w/ your Z-axis, or calibrating it?

Please post the file here, and instructions on how to recreate the problem, or send it in to and we’ll see what we can do.

(ryan williams) #3

Thanks for the reply. My Stock depth exceeded my depth per pass and I didn’t realize it. That solved my problem.