New controller, testing before going on, GRBL port issues

(William T Stokes) #21

The Gremilins came back home after your hot water incident. Came home from Kings Bay to find the house at 80 degrees which was not a shock -as I adjust the temp up when not at home-but when it did not cool off while I took the family to dinner, I found the gremlins had attacked my Central A/C unit, and being that is is 90 degrees plus with an even higher heat index because of the 95%+ humidity here in coastal Georgia, after an impromptu family night in a local hotel, I had to go buy and install a window unit( I intended to add one to the Porch that will be closed in(and become the CNC Cave) when the weather cools off)to make the bedroom end of the house livable, and then to trouble shoot the Central air…narrowed it down to an issue with the circulation fan or its controls(variable speed…) This morning I will narrow down what the Gremlins actually got into and order parts tomorrow…then hopefully can get back into flashing the controller board and setting up the swappable controllers to get Carbide Motion and EstlCAM both at home on my 3XXL-I think I will start a new thread with all of that on it.

I hate this Hurry Up And Wait Cycle,…

(Jude Marleau) #22

As they say (the kids) OMG… but that has always seemed to have been so, At least we’ll get some new threads out of it… I’ve been all week grand daughter sitting (waiting for her Mom to get home) so I can hurry up and get that toy done. I understand the heat also, Treasure Coast… outside at 2 am and it’s 85 out, at least in the desert it cools off at night…why don’t we live in the mountains??? cuz we live here, why do we live here??? cuz we don’t live in the mountains…
Lots of good luck developing an anti-gremlin spray but they only have that available in the old folks homes, it’s called boredom…I only use Estlcam cuz I guess I don’t know enough to see why CM works for anything I need, but your dual controller has my support and good wishes, I don’t understand the circuitry issues except the crows nest of wiring you’re trying to avoid. I turned on the air in my wood shop and hopefully will cut a finished toy today. I don’t want to sell this first set cuz they are made of cheap ply not hardwood ply, but I plan to hopefully get enough paid orders to buy the materials based on how good they look and work, will video them for marketing effort. Finalized the artwork, will pm you when this final production testing works out. Appreciate the gremlins are “out of state” empathize and dismay that they found your house. wait a minute…[quote=“grumpa, post:20, topic:5874”]
gremlins chased off, sent them running south,
they must have “hopped a train”…
Good luck, Jude

(Jim Amos) #23

looking forward to your new thread and exploits, but stay cool first.