Newbie needs help converting mesh to cut on Shapeoko

(Dyrenda Cooper) #1

My son has ask me to cut this out of wood for him. I have the STL but have no idea what to do with it. I have tried to convert in Fusion 360, but lack of knowledge/experience has failed me.

skyrim.stl (147.4 KB)

(William Adams) #2

For Fusion 360 please see

To process an stl you will need a 3D CAM program:

(mikep) #3

Here’s a new Autodesk tutorial on how to do it. It recently changed.

(Dyrenda Cooper) #4

Thank you both for your response, but neither of those helped me. Still not enough information for me to complete the task. I guess I will give up on this one, way above my experience level.

(William Adams) #5

MeshCAM is quite easy:

(Tito) #6

So what Will is saying is that if you have MeshCAM, open MeshCAM then choose File > Open. The file opens right up (it’s a dragon). Then you need to do all the regular MeshCAM steps to create a gcode file you can send to your CNC machine. This isn’t really the place to go into the details step by step, but I think some of the Carbide3D tutorials cover that pretty well.

(Dyrenda Cooper) #7

I downloaded a trial of MeshCAM and was able to get the gcode and cut with my Shapeoko. Now to come up with the paint to look like armor.

Thanks so much for the help.

(mark robinson) #8

Skyrim is one of my favorites.Your son is going to love this,Great job!!

(Jude Marleau) #9

That nice of a result on the first project should be quite encouraging, it is to me, nice one. Jude

(Dyrenda Cooper) #10

Thanks Jude. Here’s the finished project.

(Carl Hilinski) #11

Here are the steps in Fusion 360. In a new window, right-click (Unsaved) under Browser and select Do Not Capture Design History and click Continue in the ensuing Warning window. Then click Insert and select Mesh. Navigate to your skyrim.stl file. It will open in your window. Now click Modify, then Mesh and then Mesh to Brep. Unless you want to add something, you can go straight to CAM and pick your milling strategies.The stl is tiny, so you can either enlarge it before you bring it in using something like TinkerCad or you can use the Modify | Scale feature in F360.

(Jude Marleau) #12

Wow, really nice, from here looks like cast iron, should defend all attacks.