Nomad Overall Size

(George Molnar) #1

Hi Guys,

In the awaiting of my Nomad i’d like to be as “ready to go” as possible for when it arrives… so having my DIY CNC postponed i would actually like to use it’s enclosure to nest the Nomad in…but did not really found any exact measurements to it. My enclosure will fit 500x500x500(mm) and will have 10mm acrylic walls on the outside. Would gratefully appreciate any efforts in taking the exact measurements of your Nomad.

George M.

Disassembly stage:

(Phil Gorsuch) #2

I have a Nomad Pro with HDPE sides and measures approx 415mmH x 435mmW x 472mmD. Note this does not include the screw heads on the side, nor gives clearance for the USB/power cables coming out the right hand side.

Hope that helps!

(George Molnar) #3

Yep, it does help! Hopping the bamboo one is similar, i’ll carry on finishing the enclosure by the time i’ll get mine.
Thanks for that.

//George M.

(James Carter) #4

I have two bamboo nomads.

434mm wide , 472mm deep, 415mm high.

Other than tiny variations, I’d say the dimensions are pretty standard across all Nomads.

(William Adams) #5


(George Molnar) #6

Cheers James; it looks they’r the same numbers overall…