Nomad pro spindle VERY HOT

(Adam Brackney) #1

So I have had my Nomad for a couple years now…and I love it. Customer service is on point as well.

I have recently run into some heat issues with my spindle. I’m cutting soft material, running as normal feeds and speeds…not long run times…and the spindle is so hot I can’t touch it.

I contacted support and they sent me a new spindle thinking it was bad bearings. New spindle installed and I am getting the same issues.

The hottest part to touch is the collet nut…it will scald my finger after a couple seconds. The spindle shaft gets hot, and the motor gets hot…but I can rest a finger on them no problem.

So what do you guys think? More bad bearings?

(mikep) #2

Sounds more like you’re running with speeds/feeds with a lot of rubbing going on. If it’s not the bearings, and the tension is set ok between the motor and the spindle (pretty hard to get wrong), that leaves rubbing on the tool. It’s hard on the nomad because it just doesn’t have a lot power to cut fast with and avoid the issue. Are you using speeds/feeds/DOC out of the cheat sheet, or just what you’ve always used?

(Marlon Miller) #3

if you can try checking the amperage draw on that unit, make sure its not pulling to many amps… the spindle may be going out, and because of the pending failure its causing the over heating issue.

(mikep) #4

He just replaced the spindle cartridge, and that’s where all his heat is, not in the motor.


If you have access to a thermal camera, watch the problematic job.

If the heat starts at the tool and collet, then it is tool rub.

If it starts up in the cartridge, it is likely bearings or belt tension (causing bearing overheat)

If it starts at the top by the pulley, then it is belt friction, maybe due to misalignment or tension, or a badly worn belt rubbing the teeth.

If you don;t have access to a thermal cam, you might be able to borrow one (clip on for a smart phone, handheld unit, etc). They have become fairly inexpensive and quite common over the last few years.

EDIT: Another thing to note is that if it is tool heating, you may find that either the collet jams up (due to tool expansion) or the tool works loose.