Pallet wood + Shapeoko = Cool

(Caleb Pittman) #1

Pretty new to the whole CNC world. This is a project I just finished up. It is pretty simple, but I am pleased with how it turned out. The profile of the state is just pine painted grey then attached to a pallet wood backer.

(mark robinson) #2

Nice job!! Always pallets laying around somewhere :slight_smile:

(Pete) #3

looks great! How big is this piece? What font did you use for home?

(Caleb Pittman) #4

Thank you. It is about 10”x14”. The font is called “Easy November.”

(Caleb Pittman) #5

Trash to treasure! Waiting near every dumpster.

(Steven Zara) #6

Love it! I like your choice of the pallet wood and the grey-painted state outline. That font looks awesome!

(Chris Bottino) #7

Very Cool Design!!! Definitely good use of a pallet : )