Phonograph replacement grill

(Stephen Gullage) #1

One of the things I love about having a cnc machine is being able to make replacement parts that you just couldn’t get anywhere else. A friend of a friend is restoring a phonograph from the 1920’s and the front grill that fits over the speaker had been badly damaged. She brought it to me, a few hours on the computer and I was able to reproduce one “mostly” similar to the original.

What I had to work with:

The replica:

Minor changes to the design were necessary in order to accommodate my 1/8" endmill

(mark robinson) #2

Turned out Great,bet she will be very happy.

(Michael David Hiltner) #3

“Necessity” if is the Mother of invention! Yet another fine example. Well done!

(matthew ) #4

Definitely one of the things I love most about having a cnc machine. Great work!