Precision collet for the Makita

(William Adams) #1

Probably we’re going to need to make a Makita-specific page, but for now, it’s listed at:

and for those who go w/ the Makita (or the MLCS Rocky 30 which seems to be a re-badged one only in black) since Carbide 3D currently doesn’t have a precision collet option, one should esp. note the availability of:

I’ve got a pair of them (1/4" and 1/8") and they’re wonderfully nicely machined.

(mikep) #2

Also, these:!!!Dewalt_611!!!Kit!!!PG!!!

(William Adams) #3

Just to clarify the Precise Bits Collets are for the Dewalt not the Makita

(mikep) #4

You’re right, sorry, missed the OEM.

(William Adams) #5

's alright.

It’s rather unfortunate that the Precise Bits folks feel that it wouldn’t be economically feasible to make an ER-style collet for the Makita — I suspect that that availability was why the Dewalt was chosen as the default option for the SO3.

(William Adams) #7

And there’s now a page on this:

(and it seems Grizzly rebadges this as well, for those who want green).

(Ben Schuster) #8

Will the Elaire collets work with the collet nut that comes with the router, or is there a place where I could get the appropriately-sized nut?

(Jared Hooper) #9

I got 5 of these on ebay to try out. They work just fine in the Makita.

(William Adams) #10

Yes, the Elaire collets are a drop-in replacement for the Makita collet — since it doesn’t snap into the nut as an ER collet does, no need for extra nuts.

@JaredHooper — I used such an adapter on my Harbor Freight trim router for a while, but found the it introduced some runout even at HF QC levels (though maybe I got lucky on my unit — first time for everything) — the Elaire collets are wonderfully machined.