Probe Connectors for Zero Plate on Controller Board 2.4e?

(Travis Good) #1

I have an XL and connecting a zeroing plate was a snap. Looking at the XXL board it’s not so obvious where to connect the two leads from my plate and clip. Anyone know where those connections are in the Carbide Controller board version 2.4e? Thanks!

(ray) #2

to the right of the last yellow and black set of wires.
If you zoom in on that picture you can see it says probe.

(William Adams) #3

to expand on @fiero1’s answer, the connector type is:

Molex KK.[86] Spacing is 0.2", some connectors may require filing.[87]
digikey part numbers:[88]
pins: WM2303-ND
connector: WM2113-ND


as noted at:

(Travis Good) #4

I am continually impressed by the insight and generosity of this community.
For a few minutes after posting I had averted my eyes to read something.
By the time I turned back an answer and an elaboration had posted.

Guys, that’s REALLY impressive. Thanks, I’ll get right on it!

(William Adams) #5

To expand on the expansion, further down that page at: there are links for touch plate and probe designs — that said, Carbide 3D has developed an active corner finder / probe which will hopefully be released in the near future.

Touch Plate controller connections
(David) #6

Is there an ETA on when the touch plate will become available? i would much prefer it come from Carbide3d than trying to cobble something together but maybe im lazy lol

(Lauri Buell) #7

Hi…did you check the manual offline or online? I would suggest you check there first. I could help you here if you can share some more information please. Also check the specs for zeroing plate.