Probe release info?

(Michael Mora) #83

Well that sucks…I never received an e-mail or anything…I made sure I was added to the list.

(William Adams) #84

Please accept our apologies. The situation was explained above in: Was the probe released already?

(Michael Mora) #85

That sucks…I have ordered so much from this company, not cool at all…

(Ken Chalk) #86

Received my a few weeks ago. It is worth the wait!

(Michael Mora) #87

Then how about you sell me yours…Ill pay you $50 more what you paid and shipping…then you can wait again…I AM STILL WAITING…

(Ken Chalk) #88

Agree. It is well worth the wait.

(Ivan Nix) #89

Any update, still waiting, why can’t we pre order, when you make it you ship it out. ???

(Steve Forrester) #90

I seriously can’t believe Carbide 3D haven’t jumped on the manufacture of these probes, knowing that there are so many people wanting to buy one!! I was promised by a member of staff I’d be included in the second batch that was produced, but never received an email and missed out when they were released.

Now another 8 months on, still no sight of being able to purchase one. Carbide 3D, you must be so rich now you don’t need our money, LOL :wink:

PLEASE, put us out of our misery and either tell us when they’ll be available or even that they’re not going to be available

(William Adams) #91

Apparently something has come up, and the schedule is getting pushed back by another week — there may be a formal announcement at the end of this week, the Probes should be released next week (barring further, further difficulty).

(Ivan Nix) #92

A friend got a notice the probe were back in stock, 2 days later they are sold out again. Come on Carbide 3d let getting this manufacturing thing down.

Let me at least order one, pay for it and when you have it ship it too me, none of this email me when you have only 5 probes to sell.

(William Adams) #93

I’m afraid that our shop site isn’t set up to allow for pre-orders.

We expect the Probe to be back in stock in the next couple of weeks (we ordered extra parts from suppliers — we just need to make the bodies and assemble, test, and package) and hope that they will stay in stock thereafter.

(james reid) #94

When ordering my XXL, I talked to Support and they said first week of September…

(Richard Cournoyer) #95

I am NOT giggling…well, yes I am…