Random carvings from Mike

(Stephen Gullage) #41

Was going to ask if the boxes were designed for anything in particular, then I saw the pot leaf… excellent :yum:

(Mike Price) #42

sorry i forgot that write up. I cut the lake part, traced in illustrator, then i sand and shellac the lake bed. Like 3 or 4 coats of shellac. Then i fill with epoxy and let set for about 3 days. then i put it back on the machine and level it. then cut the roads and what nots. Stain and shellac.

(Julien Heyman) #43

Excellent, I’m on the right track then as I intended to do exactly the same. Did you get that crystal clear transparency of the epoxy just from the surfacing operation on the machine or did you do anything extra (polishing, chemical, … ?)

(Mike Price) #44

I had to sand it down to like 4k grit then i just shellac’d over the whole thing french polish style. I did use a blue dye in the epoxy to make it darker the deeper it is. The picture does no justice.

(Mike Price) #45

(Steven Bowen) #46

What kind of wood is that Grand Lake map done on Mike! Gorgeous job!!!

Also, what’s that first box? Is it a rosewood or rosewood burl? Gorgeous also!

All beautiful work!

(Mike Price) #47

The Grand Lake table was a cheap glued up pine board. And that box if its the red one is aromatic ceder, i just got lucky on the grain.