Raspberry Pi3b with Windows 10 Lot Core for Carbide Create/Motion?

(William T Stokes) #21

Thanks! I apologize for being brief above. First rule of trouble shooting, start bare and add individually until you get a problem… As such, I tried to pull up both Carbide applications in each machine from as I quit using condition it to nuking the drive and a bare(but appropriate) windows install-and windows/driver/bios updates with just a monitor, standard wired keyboard and mouse. Machines varied from Compaq, Hp, Dell, No Name, Asus, Toshiba with windows versions from vista up…I expected issues with those that shared Ram with the video and even disabled/swapped in a generic video card to get around it, When I could not get the software running bare with out the XXL connected, I didn’t believe connecting the XXL would have made it work.
.Never got any of them to run the files bare, issues ran the gambit from just hanging, to the latest issue on the small desktop," Carbide C/M stopped working (Windows 7pro)" I reviewed the windows logs… I tried in safe mode…error changed, running did not. I spent over an hour on each one-several two to three hours… The laptop I have been successful with is a recent Hp Built to Order, but older HPBTOs do not work…as I have been using them for the last 6 years or so. Pretty much the same things I did when trying to get AVid to work…

To summarize, installs went well-other than one of the older machine said that neither Carbide C/Mwere valid 32 bit applications…but the application would either hang, or error out…following the errors did not work either,

I chalked it all up to obsolete electronics, and am moving forward!

(William T Stokes) #22

Oddly enough I searched Best Buy.com and did not find that one… must have been a ID1OT error from frustration leading my efforts!

(mark robinson) #23

Lmao! Been there…

(William T Stokes) #24

Yesterday, UPS dropped off a generic looking brown box with nothing special on the outside, it was almost like it was intentionally denuded of any hint of its contents-like the boxes my room mate in college used to get unmentionables in…but this box contained the blue RCA Cambrio W101 V2 that I charged up all night, connected to the internet, updated, downloaded and installed Carbide Create an Motion and verified that Carbide Create and Motion run!
I have not connected it to the Carbide Motion Controller Board yet because I took it out for pulling its particulars for my Controller Board Swap Bay project. I’ll get the board back in today and verify that running Carbide Motion means moving the steppers on my SO3XXL!

(mark robinson) #25

I was reading and reading and you had me at unmentionables,then bam was just and rca cambrio. >.< haha
Glad it came in,hope you like it.:slight_smile: