Re-Do Midstream

(Marc Larson) #1

How do I start over mid stream?
I’ve had some errors that I’m correcting as I learn. I would like to restart where I left off. Is that possible?

(Richard Cournoyer) #2

This question has been asked many times. Unless you are an expert at GCode…don’t do it.
Two options.

  1. Reprogram, or 2) if you are using V4+ on Carbide Motion, rerun from the beginning at 200% feed, and slow it down when it gets to the proper point.

Edit: If it is a LONG multi operation program, split it into several programs

(Marc Larson) #3

At my level of understanding I couldn’t do either of those. Thnx tho

(William Adams) #4

To restart a file:

  • take note of the current line number
  • open the G-Code file
  • select all the preamble and copy it (should be obvious, if not, see )
  • scroll down to the line noted
  • scroll up until one sees a move down from the safe/retract height — delete everything from the beginning to above that line
  • paste in the preamble
  • save under a new filename