Recieved message count?

(Michael McCall) #1

So I’m doing the 1st homing on the xxl. The 1st step is to pull up the log screen to enter a value of $22=1 but can’t because at the top it is doing a “Received Message Count” which currently is at 11,000 and climbing. Anyone know what this is?

(William Adams) #2

AIUI The machine constantly communicates back to the program its state and current position — that’s the number of times that message (and others) have gone back and forth.

(ray) #3

You should be able to enter $$ to show you current settings and then you can just enter your new value. That counter never"stops" so don’t wait for it. G/l Ray

(William Adams) #4

Also, you pull up the Log screen, move it aside, then bring up the MDI, and enter the value there.

(Michael McCall) #5

Thanks guys for helping out a newbie.