Replacement Z Axis Stepper Motor

(Jordan Hale) #1

Whats the best replacement for the Z Axis Stepper Motor. I have amazon prime and like to use that to order but if not its ok. I know its a NEMA23 Stepper but there are different type. I can cut and solder the wires so lenght is not an issue.

(William Adams) #2

As noted at:

The Shapeoko 3 uses NEMA 23 stepper motors, 125, 200 steps/rev:

It’s pretty rare for a motor to go bad — usually it’s the stepper driver chip on the control board — write in to and we can work out sending you the correct part.

(Jordan Hale) #3

I switched the connector with the Z axis and is doing the same thing so I think the motor is bad.

(Jordan Hale) #4

I meant the X axis motor is bad, switch with z to test and doing the same thing.

(William Adams) #5

Most likely what is bad in that case is the wiring for the motor. Answered your ticket, so we’ll get this sorted out on support.

(Phil Thien) #6

When I thought my Z-Axis motor was bad, it was actually a missing set screw. The motor shaft was free-spinning inside the pulley.

(Jordan Hale) #7

So after testing the X axis extension wiring is the issue.

(Jordan Hale) #8

What I do next? I did the testing and I think its the extension wire cuz it only messes up with that wire and if I plug directly into the driver it works fine.

(Jordan Hale) #9

The Z and X are not working now

(Jordan Hale) #10

So trying to check everything to see what is going on X is shuttering when moving (which is what it was doing before) and Now Z is no functional all together @WillAdams

(William Adams) #11

Please write in to with a full description of which part(s) are bad and we’ll sort out how to get this fixed.

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