Ruler in Carbide create

(Christopher Crawford) #1

I have been using carbide create for all my projects and I have to say the programmers have done a great job. I like how simple and straight forward it is. I do find myself counting squares an awful lot though to find my spot on the work area. It seems like a simple ruler that matched the work grid would be a very nice feature. Until then I guess I will continue to make rectangles to measure distance on the grid so I don’t go cross eyed counting grid squares :stuck_out_tongue:

(Gary) #2

Yes(VERY new here) – PLEASE - or ideally measure and type in dimension needed - like when you adjust the radius of a circle

(Dan Nelson) #3

Rulers would be great. Agree, counting squares or making rectangles to measure is no fun. I know it’s apples to oranges or grapes comparing these two, but I’m really fond of the sketchers screen in Catia V5(it’s what I use at work, so I’m obviously biased).



(Bobby Wilson) #4

YES! Rulers in the project space!

(William Adams) #5

I’ve always found it more convenient to have these as a separate utility which one could scale at need to match the screen display (unfortunately Carbide Create doesn’t display the scaling percentage) — kind of a shame one can’t bring up the ruler from screen sketch in Windows 10 in other apps.

(David A Zahm) #7

Yes Ruler please. also a way to set up default page so we don’t have to edit it each new project

(Ken Chalk) #8

Love carbide create for its simplicity. In fact I don’t know that I would’ve made the plunge into home CNC it were not for carbide create. Now that I’ve become more proficient with the software there are a number Updates I’d like to see. A Ruler is first, followed by an option to create concave concave shape and cuts