Selling used Nomad

(Oliver Blum) #1


I want to sell my Nomad (Classic with Bamboo siding), it has about 30h of use. Its in perfect working condition and I have the
original box for shipping too. It also comes with the low profile vise which I have never used a few waste boards as well as a spare power supply.
It’s an amazing machine but I just don’t have the time to work with CNC unfortunately.

I am looking to get around 1500$ plus shipping for it but I’m open for offers. Local pickup works too if you are close by, i am in Northern California, Zip Code 95503, North of San Francisco right on HWY 101.

Let me know if you are interested


(Richard Cournoyer) #2

PS It usually helps if you put your location (Country, or State, or something_)

(Oliver Blum) #3

Thanks, just added that :slight_smile:

(Stan) #4

Hi. Still available?

(Oliver Blum) #5

yes it is! Are you interested?