Shapeoko chewing through oak at 3000mm/min


Don’t be afraid to push your machine to make parts faster!! :slight_smile:

(Luke) #2

Looks like you have a different spindle?

(Tim Foreman) #3

That’s 118 in/min. Almost twice as fast as I usually run in MDF and Maple. I’ll have to up my feeds. :slight_smile:

What spindle is that?


@MrBeaver @twforeman yeh it’s a 1.5KW 3 phase but it doesn’t matter too much at those rpms. I only have it for the high torque it has at low rpms like <10,000

(ray) #5

I think 3/4 HP more makes a good difference at any rpm!
Nice work!
What did it take to attach the new spindle? Ray


What was the step over?


Haha Yeh it probably does a bit :slight_smile:

It has the same outer diameter as the Makita router so you just need the adaptor bushing!

@atrueresistance it was 4.5mm