Shapeoko touch probe

(Stefan Rodriguez) #1

Hello new here. I was looking but couldn’t find any info. Does anyone have the dimensions of the discounted shapeoko touch probe?

(Luke) #2

It’s hasn’t been discontinued - it’s just out of stock :smiley:

(William Adams) #3

It should be back in stock by the end of the month.

Dimensions are noted at: Touch plate thickness and Touch probe no longer going to be offered?

(Christopher De Jong) #4

Any update when it will be in stock

(William Adams) #5

A problem with a parts delivery from a vendor has pushed the schedule back to the middle or end of July — hopefully there won’t be any further problems.

(Christopher De Jong) #6

I appreciate the update

(kirby) #7

Sparkfun has it now

(Kit) #8

What’s the latest ETA on the touch probe?

Also, any concerns that this will immediately be sold out again?

(Nathan Woodruff) #9

The real question is, when will the probe be included with the purchase of new machines? It should be standard in every table sold from here on out, even if the cost of a machine goes up as a result. For those who don’t want/need the probe? Sell it at a premium to someone in need of one.

(Luke) #10

I think @WillAdams suggested in the next week or so…

(Kit) #11

Where are you touch probes!!?? :thinking:

(system) #12

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