Shapeoko XL for sale in Brooklyn

(Tim) #1

Hey folks, I have a Shapeoko XL for sale in Brooklyn. Purchased for $1568 in August '17. I’ve used it for a few projects and have been quite happy, but recently moved in with my fiance and there’s no space anymore :frowning:

I’d be pretty happy to sell it, including a handful of endmills, for $1200. In addition to that, I’ll throw in my shop vac (a Ridgid 12 gal, retails $120) at no extra cost. A bargain!

I’ve put threaded inserts into the wasteboard and made a few workholding jigs which will make it really easy for you to get started right away. In addition, you can also have the nice little platform thing it’s sitting on and my kind of shoddy dust / sound enclosure (it’s not my best work) made of cement board. The enclosure does a good job blocking out sound, but it’s not the sturdiest thing and lets some dust through. It does have a viewing window and strip of LEDs that are pretty nice, though. All of those are included for no extra cost if you want them. I’ll even throw in the workholding pieces I’ve made!

If you’d like the router set (Makita RT0701CX7 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit), I can include that for an extra $100.

Let me know! Ideally, you’d pick it up in the next two weeks, but we may be able to work out delivery as well.


bonus shop vac:

(Chris Walther) #2

Hey bud, I may be interested in the XL. I am located in NJ and have no problem picking up or meeting for delivery. Is there a better way than this forum to discuss the sale that doesnt break any rules?

(Tim) #3

For anyone following, this guy is still available & for sale!

(Matt Kangas) #4

Hi @gangstertim, I’m interested in your Shapeoko XL if it is still available. I can pick up in Brooklyn.

(system) #5

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