Simple and Cheap Wireless Remote for Jogging Your Shapeoko

(Stephen Kidwell) #1

I recently rearranged things in my garage to have better workflow and in doing so put the laptop ontop of my CNC enclosure as shown here:

It was not the most ideal solution but it helped SO many other things so I just dealt with the jogging issues with a little stretching. I then realized the jogging of the Z could be done with the + and - keys so I kept stretching instead of using the finicky touch screen of that tablet, and albeit it worked but straining my neck was not helping a previous injury. Then it dawned on me:

A wireless number pad! I originally went for just a USB number pad as I didn’t even realize they had these in wireless models. Now I will be able to use this little $14 device to jog my router with the greatest of ease. I am so excited I had to post about it. It will be here in 2-3 days, thank you amazon prime. Here is the product:

(Bryan Haring) #2

I like the laptop up high like that. I found this Bluetooth keyboard that I use for zeroing my machine. Buttons are a little small but works surprisingly well for the price.

(Jerry Gray) #3

I also use a wireless USB keypad.
I do like the bigger buttons on the number pad, tho.

(Evan Day) #4

I use this one, below, but I have an older non-back lit version. Have been very happy with it.

(Stephen Kidwell) #5

:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: That looks legit!

(system) #6

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