Small nub on interior of circle

(Lee Jeffcoat) #1

My machine is square, everything is tight (to the best of my knowledge) and cuts shapes well except for the a small nub that is left at the point where the tool plunges and exits a cut. For example, if I cut an interior circle, it is perfectly circular, except there is a bump left at the end and beginning of the tool path. I am using CC.

(William Adams) #2

Possible causes:

(Jude Marleau) #3

I’ve seen so many people say this and it turns out that the common suggestion of tightening screws and or belts is the answer. If you use the machine check list ver batum than at least you have those areas covered. Every time I check my system, I check every point on the check list. I’m just suggesting that you don’t presume every thing is tight because you’ve checked it before, now is when you are having a problem, now is when you need to check every point on the check list. This post is more for all new users not just for you. Your post simply allows a good opportunity to remind all users how valuable the machine check list is. Thanks to Will’s multiple and tireless efforts of reminding people of the check list, it is securely embedded in my operational methodology. This one’s for Will. Jude

(mikep) #4

What kind of tool? Router bit? End Mill?

(Steve) #5

Does Carbide Create have a lead in/out feature?
I use vcarve desktop and it has it which will eliminate this problem without a finish pass.

(mikep) #6

Carbide Create doesn’t do lead in/out.