SO3: XXL Mega-Enclosure and Dust Collection

(Tony) #182

Check this out… SO3: How to mod the Dewalt DW611 for remote speed, light and power control

I described how to modify the router to remotely control the speed and light there. Let me know if that’s what you need.

(Andre) #183

thanks a lot tony, this is exactly what I needed.

I just gonna wait 6 month until my router’s warranty is over, we never know!

thanks again for your sharing, my shapeoko enclosure looks like almost the same as yours

(Michael Hoffman) #184

Made a quick video showing the sound difference with the enclosure. Hope it is helpful!

(Tony) #185

Thanks for sharing the video. I’d guess the double walls knock an extra 5dB or so off. It’s hard to say for sure because bit size, router speed, material and feeds, shop floors and walls all influence sound levels.

For a reference here’s my sound attenuation video.

It’s great seeing more enclosures in action. I’d never want to use a router without one now that ive gotten used to the benefits.