SO3 XXL Project: Aztec Calendar

(Chris Sader) #21

BTW, one thing I just realized and not sure why it took me so long…I actually accidentally left the bit choice in Aspire set to a 90 degree bit, but actually used a 60 degree bit. That’s why you see the stairstepping in the deep carved parts. I kinda like it though. :slight_smile:

(Andy Clancy) #22

Awesome work and I love the wood.
From what I have been researching the Mayan or Aztec calendar is a must do project for new CNC builds.
Well here it is and I must say I am impressed with my Shapeoko 3.
$6 17.5in pine circular board from home depot and 3 hours on my shapeoko 3 XXl.
60 deg Vbit from inventables at 50in per min feed rate 15in per min plunge rate using UGS.
Now I have to find some good wood to make another.
I used tung oil but would like any advise on finishing this amazing project.

(Gary Lamon) #23

Wow. Looks great. Love it.

(Jim Amos) #24

Nice project @ukman.
Can you elaborate on the front-end of your project path?
What toolchain is generating your CAM paths (Aspire as well)?


Agreed I share everything I’ve made; limitations on post title and comment length seem to be most limiting. Even an “awesome” is restricted as a reply

(Jim Amos) #26

I’ve been casually searching on and off for the G-Code or other downloadable entity to create an Aztec calendar. All the Google’d references that were purported to point to this project are now inoperable.

Has anyone got a project reference for us Shapeoko users? I did notice there’s a sample project in the Camotics install, but it’s only 1 tool and is not a complete job,

(William Adams) #27

Should be simple enough to calculate using one of the programmable vector graphics languages:

  • PostScript — one guy actually worked up a bicycle design language using this
  • METAPOST — way, way cool, and one of the ways to bring one to truly respect and understand Dr. Donald Knuth’s genius (it’s a gateway drug to METAFONT) — I’d give my interest in Hell to have a graphical front end for this which would work as I envision it (and wasn’t programmed in Java, sorry folks behind MetaGraf). That said, the new LuaTeX integration using the mplib is brilliant, and has me working in it fairly comfortably, and I’ve got an upcoming project which will use this.
  • Asymptote — front-end to METAPOST which is all high-tech and up-to-date (save for needing a nicer graphical front-end.
  • Processing — I’ve been surprised that more people don’t use this — I actually got a book on it (by request of my sister) for my birthday a while back, it was interesting, but never quite clicked with me as METAPOST has
  • TikZ, &c.

(Andy Clancy) #28!AhCxdyszZx1O-FvH9-qWhPkTw171

here are all the files I used to carve the calendar.

(Jim Amos) #29

Thanks for posting this, Andy. I’ll open these later tonight to see what I can see with your file collection.

(Nikita) #30

Очень красивый проект! Я собираюсь повторить его на своем станке в сибире! :slight_smile:

(mark robinson) #31

Thats Great Nikita,post pics when you do :slight_smile: