Some stuff I made on my shapeoko3

(Zach Burhop) #1

My multi level inscents burner done from solid burch.

(Andy Clancy) #2

I love the “uploading” sign…:grin:

(Zach Burhop) #3

I made a tray that holds the stuff I carry daily like my keys and my wallet etc.

(Zach Burhop) #4

I made a tray to hold parts of my projects. I made the shapes different so I could use the shape to repented what goes where.

(Zach Burhop) #5

I made a pallet for painting that holds a bodes of paint and some various brush sizes!

(Zach Burhop) #6

Playing with v carve a little!

(Zach Burhop) #7

More vcarve work.

(Andy Clancy) #8

keep having fun, this forum is a wealth of support an information.