Standard Shapeoko 3 for sale

(Dan) #1

I have a standard size Shapeoko 3 for sale (#87 if I remember correctly). Completely stock with the original controller (Carbide has an option to buy the newest controller for a discount). No spindle, so you will need to buy a Dewalt spindle as this does not have the adapter ring for the Makita.

Completely assembled and works great, I just don’t have a need for two anymore (I also have an XXL).

Located in Colorado Springs, but can crate it up and ship it in the US for $75.

Price: $750

Will post pictures in the next couple days.

(William Adams) #2

Just to note, the adapter ring is available separately: (or one can use a 3rd party mount — I sourced one back before the adapter ring was available)

and the new Z-axis plate (EDIT: which the machine in question already has) is on a hidden page in the shop:

and you can upgrade to 9mm belts using the Maintenance Kit:

(Sittipun Narmmoonnoi) #3

Interesting !!! will waiting for the pic.

(Dan) #4

Sorry for taking so long to post pictures (getting ready to move and got distracted)

This one is #0035 ( I was a bit off on my original post). It has the upgraded Z axis already, but does not have the updated controller/belts.

(William Adams) #5

To upgrade the controller folks can either get a Stepoko board (if they want opensource) or write in to noting the circumstances and we can work out how the new owner can get an upgrade/spare board.