Still Waiting for my Nomad

(Luc) #21

Hi everyone,
I have received an email to say that my Nomad machine has been send today :slight_smile:
I always had a quick and professional return for my request from the Carbide 3D company…


For the plastic allthread, you are paying for the material plus threading. 2M for roughly $100 is a bit high, given that 2m of unthreaded is about US$3 from mcmaster. I would expect about $20. Mcmaster, in fact, is 9.45/m,.

(James Carter) #23

I got a email saying my machine was shipped!! Woohoo!!!

As for the allthread, I would just buy some plastic rod and a m6x1.0 die and do it that way, if I really REALLY needed plastic for my bolts

(Demian Owens) #24

I’m wondering: is there any reason why one shouldn’t consider buying a Nomad from a dealer, like MatterHackers, who currently have the machine in stock? Is there an added benefit to buying directly from Carbide3D? I’m thinking about buying a Nomad, and it seems to me that might be the best way to go right now, given the current supply issues. Thoughts?


(James Carter) #25

3rd party sellers will not provide you the support you will likely need. 90% of 3rd party sellers for proprietary products such as Nomad and shapeoko are actually scammers. Go with the original, and save yourself the hassle and worry.

One thing that is a perfect indicator: Nomad comes with a meshcam license. A 3rd party seller will probably sell the license too, but days or weeks later, you will get a “invalid license” message because they have resold your license key.

I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with 3rd party sellers, that’s why I just buy from the manufacturer. Some lessons are best learned the hard way, however. So do what you feel is right, and cross your fingers!

(William Adams) #26

We have been working to set up a dealer network, and Matterhackers is one of the first — we fully support the machines which they sell, and if they can’t help you out, let us know and we’ll work with them to resolve any issues which may come up.

(James Carter) #27

Oh cool Will. In that case, I would trust the seller, because they are working directly with the manufacturer.

(William Adams) #28

That said, your concerns are valid, and we appreciate them and your caution — we’ll try to work up some suitable way to balance all this.

(James Carter) #29

Guess what was waiting for me when I got in to work this morning :smiley:

Here she is in her new home next to her friend!

I hooked everything up, connected it to computer, ran the homing and tool measuring sequences… everything looks and sounds perfect!

(James Carter) #30

#401 and #908 are making beautiful music together :slight_smile: