Taekwondo black belt plaque (pictures and video)

(Jeremy Brown) #1

A customer wanted to make a plaque out of the actual wood used to break in Taekwondo. This is the actual wood used for breaking, I’m not even sure what kinda wood it is but it’s a little tricky to CNC, it wants to feather or tear out in certain directions. Its also not cut square at all.

Although the video shows the 1st attempt, I had to make another one due to the polyurethane looking terrible. I also used the 30 degree bit on some of the tighter areas that the 60 degree bit was tear out issues.

The customer also wanted to try out a lasered one to see the difference, the customer is also an instructor so I might get more to do.

Machine: Shapeoko 3 XXL
Cam/CAD software: V-Carve Pro
Endmills used: 30 degree & 60 V-bits

Laser Engraver: ULS Versa 3.5 30 watt

Stain used: Ebony