The Beaver CNC HDZ Lives!

(Gary) #182

AFO fire balls bought from . About $40 ea.

(Tex Lawrence) #183

Here’s a more direct link to Amazon: AFO Fire Ball, ABC Fire Extinguisher, Fire Suppression Device, Fire Safety Product With Sign

(Luke) #184

Hi Guys - whilst I’m not a huge fan of promoting sales publicly I have a few cheaper HDZ units that people might be interested in…

Only 4 available…

(Vince) #185

In case anyone was wondering, the amount of actual usable travel on a standard S3 with an HDZ and shimmed proximity switches is

X - 18.445/468.5
Y- 17.106/434.5
Z- 6 /150

No frame mods and 1mm homing pull off + 1mmish clearance. That’s a healthy chunk of usable space over stock!