Thinking of upgrading my xl to an xxl

(Gene Gore) #1

What’s the cost? And any xxl owners want to trade?

(William Adams) #2

Carbide 3D just added XL -> XXL expansion packs / upgrade kits to the store:

XL -> XXL is $499.

(Joshua Rogers) #3

How much to go to an xxxl? Is there any plans to adapt to even larger sizes?

(William Adams) #4

Everyone was rather surprised when the XL and XXL were announced and they were as “small” as they are — the expectation / hope was that we’d get at least 4’ on one axis.

I’m hoping that we’ll eventually see a pair of additional machines (my suggested names are HS for one able to cut 4’ x 4’ panels, and FS for a machine able to cut full 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood) — of course, one would be able to mix and match parts to get say a machine only 16" deep, but a full 8’ wide, at least, that’s what I’ve been hoping for for a long while now.

I have no inside knowledge on this, and this is nothing but idle, baseless speculation on my part.

(John England) #5

I would love to have something like your fabled ‘FS,’ Will. In fact, my plan has always been to use my XXL to make the parts necessary for a larger machine like that. Someday, someday. In the meantime, the XXL already has an impressive build volume.

(William Adams) #6

Shopbot and a couple of other companies do 4x8 machines — none of them have our cachet or friendly atmosphere however, and there was also the Kikori, and opensource machine for which I believe there are still plans available.

(Ben) #7

Agreed. I was rather hoping for a 1/4 sheet machine (24"x48") so I could tile-cut full 4x8 sheet materials.

Got the xxl instead hoping to expand the gantry someday…

(Ed Wan) #8

I agree! 1/4 sheet would be really useful.

(William Adams) #9

Well, one can tile a 4x8 sheet of plywood — just have to get an XXL and do it in sixths — and an XL would do it in twelfths (which seems like an exercise in tedium ).

(Ben) #10

Technically, but only if you cut the sheet up first! I was referring to taking a solid sheet and passing it through in multiple stages to cut the full design with no seams.

(William Adams) #11

Good point, I got carried away a bit.

Yeah, I’m surprised no one has done an open-bottom Shapeoko 3, or XL, or XXL — if I didn’t need to be able to move mine around, building a table to allow that would be somewhere on my to-do-stack.

(Luke) #12

I’d love to upgrade to a XL.

If you end up selling your XL parts, I’d be keen.