Threaded Wasteboard for Nomad 883 Pro

(Michael Hoffer) #1

Hi there, just wanted to share my first wasteboard design for the nomad 883 pro. I wanted to get rid of the double sided tape. You can find the design on Thingiverse:

The board comes with small 3d printable “vices”. I am already working on a slightly bigger board that allows me to use the full working area of the machine.

Comments and ideas for improvements are welcome (I’m still new to milling).

(William Adams) #2

Interesting software setup! Are you the developer of either/both?

Added it to: — if you could expand or correct that entry I’d be grateful.

(Michael Hoffer) #3

Yes, I develop VRL-Studio as well as the VCSG plugin. I will have a look at the wiki link.

(system) #4

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