Toolpath gaps for some letters

(BDH) #1

Was making a vcarve sign for some friends, and had an odd result. I was using Tangerine font which I have used before and now it skips letters in the toolpath. The r is created in one word but not the next. I have read the posts about reversing letter wraps but it creates the letter one time but not the next so that doesn’t seem to be a problem. GregoryAuto.c2d (7.5 KB)
Am I missing something? (I am a complete noob)

(William Adams) #2

I believe the problem is that the system is confused by the overlap in “ry” — union the type and it should then work.

(BDH) #3

Thank you so much. Reopened it in Inkscape and unioned the first line, then brought it back to CC and it worked great. Thanks again.