Touch plate for probing Z height

(gyawa) #1

Hi, can anybody help me where to find Touch plate for probe, I have Shapoeko XL and carbide 3 don’t have touch plate in stock. Would any touch plate will work on Shapeeko ? Like the cheap one that you can buy from amazon or e bay. Thanks

(William Adams) #2

Anything works — you just need to detect the closing of the circuit.

The community has some notes here: and elsewhere on the wiki — but we are working very hard to get the Probe back into stock as quickly as we can (maybe early–mid March?)

(Daniel Loughmiller) #3

Were any changes made to the alligator clip end? I know early on some first-batch users were having issues with them breaking electrically. I haven’t had that issue but I’ve also been more ginger with it knowing that was an issue for some.

(gyawa) #4

Thanks, I got my z probe plate made and I am happy with how it came out. I have it working without problem on source rabbit by inputting the plate thickness. I went to try on Carbide motion and probing without any problem, but I couldn’t get to zero the stock and I tried to look for how to input or command G92 for stock thickness. Please need your expertise on this. Thanks

(mikep) #5

You can’t do so in carbide motion. You need to make a plate that matches the dimensions of the Carbide plate.

(William Adams) #6

One option would be to use the CM4 Probe feature, then adjust the Z zero by the difference in dimension.

(Tito) #7

Can’t remember @ItsDan if you have a Nomad or some flavor of SO3 (the latter I think?), but for my Nomad at least, the clip isn’t necessary–the tools in the spindle are apparently already grounded. So for me, I just put the probe on my stock, jog over to the neighborhood, then hit the probe button–no alligator clip (or magnetic one) is required.

(gyawa) #8

Thanks to all, I have It made to the carbide motion dimensions and am gonna try next week. its too bad that carbide 3 locked the input for G92 command

(William Adams) #9

G92 is a local / transient thing — see

While I miss work coordinate systems in Carbide Motion, I find that having an origin for a given fixture or setup which matches a rapid position point, and the convenience of the Carbide 3D Probe more than makes up for it.

(mikep) #10

I’m always forgetting to put the ground on my SO3…seems like almost every time!

(Luke) #11

If you can ground your spindle there is no need to ground the probe every time :slight_smile:

(William Adams) #12

My solution to that was to affix the ground clip with a magnet above where I have the Probe stored — I can’t grab the Probe w/o moving the ground clip out of the way.

(mikep) #13

I think I’m going to sink a screw into the side somewhere so my magnet can be right on it. As it is, I leave it on a bolt about 2 inches away and that doesn’t seem to be good enough to get my attention :expressionless:

(system) #14

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